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Are We the Senior Photographer You’re Searching For?


You want fabulous senior photos and you want to have an awesome time during your photo shoot! It’s one of the few things you’ll have left to look back on after finishing 12 years of school.

Unfortunately, there’s about a bazillion photographers out there that say they take senior photos. It’s simply overwhelming. So we thought that our website would serve a greater purpose if we “helped” people make the right choice.

Should you hire us? Maybe. Follow the steps to learn how to decide if we’re the senior photographers for you and what to expect during the process.Things have changed a lot since the industry went digital...these aren't your parent's senior pictures anymore.


  • First, you’ll see a list of some of our different photography styles, giving you a look at the different choices you have at the studio.
  • After that, you’ll find articles here that discuss what clothing photographs best, what questions to ask photographers, do they have a  studio or do they just work on location, how much is this really going to cost, etc.

So find a comfy spot, take a deep breath, everything is going to be OK baby! (sorry…just got done watching a marathon of CSI Miami on Netflix.)

Thank you for considering our studio for your high school senior portraits experience! Enjoy!

I have a free report that you might be interested in.

“How to Avoid the Seven Major Mistakes 9 Out of 10 Parents Make When Choosing a Senior Portrait Photographer”, check it out.