Alex - Class of 2017 Senior

Even thou Alex's portrait below is very serious I think you'd find him pretty easy going and fun! Most of his portraits we did this summer were with his all natural smile. Around school I hear his friends refer to him as "Lud". He's got a lot going on in life and is super talented in sports. His senior year he's played them all, football, basketball and this spring baseball. After graduation he's planning on either business or communications. All the best Alex!

Kat - Class of 2017 Senior

When first meeting up with Kat at the studio for her senior shoot, I noticed, first thing, her rockin' hair style. And the total confidence she had to pull it off! You can tell this girl knows were she's going. Even thou some photographers would have you take your glasses off because they don't like having to work with glare and distortion. I feel its how your family and friends see you most of the time. So it may take a little extra time to adjust lighting and posing but the result is worth it!  Kat allowed me to create poses of her showing that strong and competent look she exudes. We also got to do some fun images in the loft location too.  She's working at the library and is planning on studying psychology/sociology. All the best Kat!!

10 Things To Wear For That Preppy Look

Ok guys, so it's time for you to pick out some outfits for your senior photo shoot. What look are you going after? Well if its the "preppy look" here's some ideas to consider when putting it together.

  1. The Madras Shirt
  2. Boat Shoes
  3. Braided Belt
  4. Oxford Cotton Button-Down Shirt
  5. Critter Tie
  6. The Blazer
  7. Cable-Knit Varsity Sweater
  8. The Rugby
  9. The Tweed Sport Coat
  10. G-T-H Pants

Just remember that we recommend keeping stripes to a minimum unless you want to look like a barber pole in your portraits. So, if you must wear something like what's shown in #8 because your grandma got it for you for Christmas, try layering it up with the tweed sport coat or blazer. Proceed with extreme caution when wearing GTH pants. They are the definition of statement wear! For more styling tips, like our Facebook page to help keep you informed on how to look your best in senior portraits!


Bridget - Class of 2017 Senior

Welcome to the TCP portrait family, Bridget! When I met her before the photo shoot she was really shy. But little by little she really blossomed into this gently but energetic happiness. Kinda hard to explain but I see it so often when starting out with young people. They're not sure were the lines are. Should they or not be themselves in front of my camera. I love it when the walls come melting down. You get to see their inner beauty. After putting on some music, going over the rules (there are NO RULES) remembering to breath it begins to unfold. When Michelle, Bridget's mom, sent me the quote it was spot on perfect.... a BUTTERFLY! You nailed it Bridget, thanks for letting me capture it for everyone else to see!