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THIS is your senior year, which is a very special time in your life. And while you could probably get a friend or family member to take some photos of you, they simply won't be able to produce what a professional
photographer can.

When you work with a professional photographer, you get to benefit from their years of experience, which includes knowing how to work with natural and studio lighting, where to find the best locations for your shoot, and how to compose a great shot. Not to mention the fact that they're skilled editors and know exactly how to make you look incredible in every photo.

A professional will also know how to bring your unique style and personality through in each and every image and will be there to guide you on how to pose and smile in order to get the best photos.

A professional photographer is the best person to guide you during the photo selection process too, helping you choose the best shots for printing and your album. Since most photographers have been shooting and printing images for years, they know exactly which paper, canvas sizes and printers to use to get the job done right, giving you beautiful photos that you can display in your home, in an album or on social media.

You only get to be a senior once so don't miss the chance to capture some great photos of yourself by using a friend or family member instead of a professional for your senior shoot.