Several months before your session -- two or three, give or take -- is the best time to start thinking about the big day. Start a Pinterest board, start dog-earing magazine pages and definitely start trying on various clothing to see what you feel best in. As the day gets closer, start narrowing down your inspiration boards and ideas. That includes outfits, hair and makeup for women, and even props.




Speaking of props, those are a really important part of your photo session. We'll definitely get photographs of you without props, but we want to make sure we include pictures of you with meaningful items that represent who you are.





                                CHOOSING THE LOCATION

Selecting where you have your photos taken goes along with choosing props. I have a whole list of locations to choose from and we'll talk details once you book. Meanwhile, it's a good idea to get the gears turning. Think about what kind of a vibe you want for your pictures. Is it earthy? Urban? Academic?